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A new batch of Tocilizumab was purchased for the treatment of COVID-19

19 August 2021

2,784 vials of Tocilizumab were delivered to the national warehouse. Then it will be distributed to the regions for timely assistance to seriously ill people with COVID-19.

“The world practice of using the drug and last year's experience of its participation in the treatment of Ukrainians gives grounds to continue using it. Research is still ongoing, but now, if there is an opportunity to save lives, we must use it”, Deputy Health Minister Oleksandr Komarida comments on the supply of drugs.

He adds that the state enterprise “Medical Procurement of Ukraine” purchased a patented original drug directly from the manufacturer.

Currently, 14,346 packages of Remdesivir are also being purchased. There are also agreements on the supply of an innovative direct-acting antiviral drug, this will be announced later. This drug is prescribed to patients who are on outpatient treatment, in order to avoid complications and hospitalizations. It is currently in the third (final) stage of clinical trials. The Ministry of Health has previously agreed on a quota for the supply of the drug for the treatment of 300 thousand patients.

The Ministry of Health continues to help regions prepare to respond to a potential COVID-19 outbreak in the autumn-winter period.

We remind that 257 hospitals of specialized care for patients with COVID-19 have been identified and contracted. They are divided into institutions of the 1st and 2nd response waves. The capacity of these hospitals is 38,943 beds, including 37,222 with oxygen (96%) and 3,211 intensive care units. 14,790 oxygen concentrators were purchased for outpatient treatment in all regions. For this purpose, within the framework of a special subvention from the state budget, local budgets were provided with UAH 693 million 693 thousand. These oxygen concentrators have become the property of territorial communities that are the owners of the corresponding outpatient clinics (i.e. communal property) and are under their operational management. Additionally, 43 hospitals received UAH 152 million to improve oxygen supply systems. Also, as part of international technical assistance, new oxygen stations have already been installed in another 20 institutions that will provide assistance to patients with COVID-19.