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Current progress in the healthcare transformation in Ukraine, outlined by Melinda Haring, the Atlantic Council

3 July 2018

On June 27, 2018 the Atlantic Council  published the article ‘Finally Some Good News from Ukraine’ by Melinda Haring, who discussed with Dr. Ulana Suprun, acting Minister of Health of Ukraine, the launch of a new healthcare system in Ukraine and key changes it brings for the population.

The author outlined the current progress in the healthcare transformation in Ukraine and underlined some major improvements, in particular the success of the national campaign for choosing family doctors and the “Affordable Medicines” National Prescription Drug Cost Reimbursement Program, the digitalization of the medical records system, the establishment of the National Health Service of Ukraine, the introduction of the internationally recognized clinical protocols.

However, the Ministry still has to address some key challenges to make the national healthcare system markedly better, including the public procurement reform, the improvement of medical education, and the establishment of a system of professional licensing.

The author also highlighted the impact of ongoing changes on both healthcare professionals and patients – “there has been a huge attitude shift” from skepticism to support.

Please follow the link below to read the full article by Melinda Haring on the Atlantic Council website:

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