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Dear partners and friends of Ukraine ‒ representatives of different countries!

3 March 2022

First of all, we would like to say that the Ministry of Health of Ukraine is extremely grateful to you for numerous proposals to provide assistance to our country during the difficult time we are going through as a result of the insidious armed aggression of the Russian Federation against us! Your support is extremely important and we will never forget it!

As of the morning of March 3, more than 500 doctors, nurses and paramedics from the European Union, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Israel, the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, India, Jordan, Brazil and other countries have registered, who expressed a desire to come to Ukraine to help Ukrainian hospitals provide assistance to victims. And this list is growing every hour.

Registration remains open to all health professionals from our friendly countries who wish to assist Ukrainian hospitals in providing assistance to victims.

You can register by filling out the form:

After you register, in order to effectively plan, organize and allocate forces and resources, you will be purposefully directed by the coordinator to a specific hospital in the region of Ukraine, where a particular period of time will be most in need of help.

Contacts of national coordinators:

Once you have identified the region in which you will be working, you will be contacted by a regional coordinator who will get in touch with you and help guide you from the border to your destination.

Also, for verification, send you a letter from the Directorate of Medical Personnel, Education and Science of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine: [email protected] with a request to send scanned copies of documents confirming your medical education and professional qualifications specified in your questionnaire. Upon arrival at your destination, you must present these documents to the hospital manager. Protection of your personal data is guaranteed!

In turn, Ukrainian hospitals should promptly report and constantly update information on the need for medical staff to the regional health departments and to the address: [email protected].

Thank you again and we sincerely hope for effective cooperation and partnership!