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During the 11 months of the war, the russians destroyed 171 medical facilities and damaged another 1,035

25 January 2023

Since 24 February last year, the invaders have been attacking the Ukrainian medical infrastructure almost every day. During the 11 months of the war in Ukraine, 1,206 medical facilities were damaged. Of these, 1,035 medical infrastructure facilities were damaged and another 171 facilities were destroyed to the ground, without the possibility of further restoration. 

According to preliminary estimates, the state needs about USD 1 billion to restore the destroyed and damaged medical infrastructure to the state it was in before the war. 

According to First Deputy Health Minister Oleksandr Komarida, the enemy is purposefully targeting hospitals and outpatient clinics in order to leave as many people as possible without medical care. 

“Every day from each region we receive figures on the destruction and damage of medical infrastructure. Unfortunately, these figures are growing almost daily, especially in the front-line and front-line territories. Our hospitals, maternity hospitals and outpatient clinics continue to become targets for russian missiles and shells. But russia will not break us with any such attacks. We are already rebuilding the destroyed hospitals so that our patients have full access to the necessary medical care,” said Oleksandr Komarida.

He also noted that Ukraine is actively restoring medical institutions in the de-occupied regions and in territories where there are no military operations. During the 11 months of the war, 143 medical facilities were fully restored, which received minor damage or destruction as a result of shelling. More than 250 medical facilities have been partially restored. 

Most of the rebuilt medical institutions are located in the territory of Kyiv, Chernihiv, Zhytomyr and Dnipropetrovsk regions.