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During the war, Ukraine received 8.5 thousand tons of medical humanitarian aid worth more than UAH 12 billion

10 August 2022

During martial law, Ukraine received 8.5 thousand tons of medical humanitarian aid totaling more than 12 billion hryvnias. This is the combined support from 35 countries of the world and from more than 60 international and charitable organizations, medical institutions, foreign and Ukrainian companies, as well as governments of various states that stand on the side of Ukrainian independence and inviolability of state borders.

The Ministry of Health distributes this assistance not only to health care institutions of its subordination, but also to municipal and departmental institutions, including those that are subordinate to security and defense structures.

All humanitarian aid is distributed according to priority. First of all, to close the needs of medical institutions located in and near the war zone, as well as those that treat the wounded. In addition, the focus is on institutions in regions with many internally displaced persons.

Humanitarian aid is unloaded in warehouses near the state border, where it is accounted for, and then distributed and delivered to the regions, taking into account priority.

It is important to note that the collection of medical needs, accounting of balances in regional warehouses and healthcare institutions, as well as the distribution of medical humanitarian aid take place through the information and analytical system “MedData”, which ensures controllability and transparency of the process.

During the war, it was also possible to establish cooperation with volunteers and benefactors to coordinate interaction and promptly provide medical needs.

“The Ministry of Health brought together a group of reputable charitable and volunteer organizations and gave them access to the MedData system, where medical institutions indicate their needs for providing medicines, medical equipment, etc.,” explains Deputy Health Minister Maria Karchevych. “All those who work for our common victory are heroes!”

It should be recalled that the Ministry has created an interactive dashboard with information on the distribution of humanitarian aid, which arrives at the warehouses of the Ministry of Health from the first day of full-scale russian aggression.