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First Israeli field hospital opened in Ukraine

22 March 2022

With the participation of the Ministry of Health of Israel and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, as well as with the assistance of the Schusterman Foundation, which deals with national and social projects in Israel and JDC, the first field hospital was opened in Ukraine. 

The newly created hospital was deployed on the Polish-Ukrainian border on the way to Lviv. 

Departments that will provide outpatient care are now located in the school yard, and wards for patients — in the classrooms of the school.

The staff of the field hospital consists of 65 people, including doctors, paramedics, logisticians and managers. All of them are Israeli experts in such medical fields as: 

  • emergency medicine;
  • internal medicine;
  • pediatrics;
  • obstetrics and gynecology;
  • general surgery;
  • orthopedics;
  • otolaryngology;
  • psychiatry;
  • social support.

If surgical intervention is necessary, operations will be performed by mixed joint groups of doctors in cooperation with the city hospital. In addition, for high-quality communication, Israeli colleagues will be assisted by a doctor on duty. Medical care will be provided free of charge to anyone who needs it.

In addition to medical care, Israeli doctors will conduct training for local doctors. The possibility of online consultation with Israeli specialists of various profiles is also being considered.

The hospital will provide assistance to the civilian population. Each team of doctors will work in shift for a week. Israeli doctors are ready to work in Ukraine until the end of the war.