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Foreign doctors can start working in Ukrainian hospitals

26 February 2022

The Ministry of Health of Ukraine invites all concerned foreign colleagues to respond and join the ranks of physicians working to save the lives of Ukrainian military and civilian victims of the war.

Since russia began its unprovoked large-scale armed invasion of Ukraine, the Cabinet of Ministers (CMU), the Ukrainian Ministry of Health (MoH), as well as other state bodies, have been implementing numerous legislative changes aimed at streamlining and facilitating the supply of required medicines and medical devices as well as unhindered access for foreign medical personnel to Ukraine during the war.

A number of legal flexibilities concerning the engagement of foreign healthcare professionals have been introduced. 

By the novelties, MoH is not to be included in the foreign healthcare professionals' engagement process period of validity of martial law.

From now on, each healthcare facility will have its defined right to engage foreign doctors and other medical workers as volunteers to assist patients or provide any relevant medical aid (including via telemedicine). 

To be eligible for such medical volunteering, foreign healthcare professionals shall simply have documents confirming medical degree and professional qualification, i.e. without nostrification of foreign diplomas. There is no more need to contact MoH for permission or distribution appointment. 

Foreign healthcare professionals located abroad and finding it difficult to contact the hosting medical facilities or charity organizations in Ukraine may wish to request support from the MoH.

In order to do so, please, perform these steps:

  • Prepare all documents to confirm his education, qualification, and work experience in advance
  • Fill in this obligatory form:
  • Wait until we check and evaluate your papers and you get the notice. 

The rest is on us

  • The MoH will check your diplomas, certificates, letters
  • Then we forward your requests to all medical facilities, and hospitals subordinated to the MoH, as well as to major charity funds and humanitarian organizations that are currently operating in Ukraine 
  • We`ll get back to let you know that your request has been delivered and interested organizations are to contact you.

In case you have sent us your filled form and have further questions to clarify, please, do not hesitate to contact us. 

Bogdan Pidgornyi

[email protected]

+38 073 449 4546

National coordinator 

MoH support of foreign volunteer healthcare professional

Directorate of Medical Personnel, Education and Science of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine

Operational contact availability: Mon.-Fri. 10:00 - 18:00 EEST (GMT+3)


Please be informed:

  • If you are an experienced military surgeon or specialist in another branch of military medicine, you will have to contact the Ministry of Defenсe of Ukraine (MoD) only. You can apply at The Public Affairs Office of the MoD here or The Medical Forces Command of the Ukrainian Armed Forces here
  • MoH is not able and under no circumstances will influence the mentioned above medical and humanitarian institutions in their decision-making.
  • Neither we are able to hurry state-owned medical institutions up, nor force them to contact you. 
  • Only those who filled out the forms and uploaded the paperwork correctly are accepted for further processing.  


Relevant legislation:

  • LAW OF UKRAINE  Fundamentals of the Legislation of Ukraine on Healthcare  (Section XIII FINAL AND TRANSITIONAL PROVISIONS)
  • LAW OF UKRAINE  On Volunteering 
  • LAW OF UKRAINE On the introduction of changes to some legislative acts of Ukraine regarding increasing the availability of medical and rehabilitation assistance during the period of martial law
  •  Order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine of 26.02.2022 № 383 “On the involvement of foreign medical workers in providing assistance to victims of martial law»
  • LAW OF UKRAINE On the Legal Status of Foreigners and Stateless Persons.