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Foreigners and stateless persons can be vaccinated against COVID-19 in Ukraine

13 September 2021

All foreigners and stateless persons who are legally residing in Ukraine can be vaccinated against COVID-19 according to the same procedure as Ukrainian citizens.

They can register for vaccination at the nearest vaccination point or vaccination center online or by calling their contact phone numbers. The list and contacts of centers and points can be found on the website or by calling 0 800 60 20 19.

According to the Law of Ukraine “On state financial guarantees of medical care for the population”, foreigners and stateless persons permanently residing in Ukraine, as well as persons who are recognized as refugees or persons in need of additional protection, have the right to free health services, in particular vaccinations.

For foreigners and stateless persons temporarily staying on the territory of Ukraine, medical services must be covered at the expense of their own funds, voluntary health insurance funds or other sources not prohibited by law. The COVID-19 vaccine itself is free of charge.

All foreigners and stateless persons who were vaccinated with two doses of the anti-COVID vaccine in Ukraine can receive an international certificate of vaccination against COVID-19. They can get it from the doctor who carried out the vaccination, or if they signed a declaration with their family doctor, then this document can be obtained from them.

Registration and entry of data into the electronic healthcare system takes place on the basis of one (or more) of the identity documents:

  • passport of a citizen of Ukraine;
  • temporary certificate of a citizen of Ukraine;
  • birth certificate (for persons under the age of 14) or a document confirming the fact of birth issued by the competent authorities of a foreign state, legalized in accordance with the established procedure;
  • permanent residence permit in Ukraine;
  • refugee certificate;
  • certificate of a person that needs additional protection.

Data on vaccinations of foreigners and stateless persons temporarily staying in Ukraine cannot be entered in this system.

Such persons can receive:

  • certificate 063/o after the first vaccination,
  • international certificate of vaccination after the second vaccination.

If a foreigner or stateless person has received the first COVID-19 vaccination abroad, they can sign up for a second vaccination with the appropriate vaccine (if any) in Ukraine and receive it on the basis of a vaccination document issued in another country.

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