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Funds from the sale of Banksy's painting will go to support Okhmatdyt hospital

21 March 2022

A charity auction is being held in London in support of the Okhmatdyt children's hospital. Now the institution treats wounded children who suffered as a result of Russian aggression.

Banksy's unique anti-war painting, Š’anksy’s CND Soldiers, unsigned, has been put up for sale. The painting was put up for auction anonymously.

The quiet auction will end on March 27, 2022. Bidding starts at £ 20,000. 

The organizers of the action note: "Despite the active shelling and airstrikes of the Russian Federation, Okhmatdyt specialists continue to stay in Kyiv to protect and treat children and wounded who are being taken to hospitals. Due to the dedicated work of the hospital, timely medical care is provided to patients in full, and the funds raised will ensure the continuation of this important work."

The Ministry of Health expresses its sincere gratitude to the benefactors who are involved in preserving the life and health of Ukrainians during the war.