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Heart transplant performed for the first time in Cherkasy

2 August 2021

On July 29, for the first time in Cherkasy, on the basis of the third Cherkasy City Emergency Hospital, doctors performed an operation to extract the heart, kidneys and liver from one donor for their subsequent transplantation to several patients.

According to the Ukrainian Transplant Coordination Center, the heart was transplanted to a 59-year – old patient in the Cherkasy regional cardiology center. Colleagues from the Amosov National Institute of Cardiovascular Surgery helped Cherkasy surgeons transplant it.

Two donor kidneys were transplanted at the Cherkasy Regional Oncology Dispensary.

The donor's liver was taken to the National Institute of Surgery and Transplantology, where it was received by a 58 year old man who had been on the waiting list for several years.

Transplantation became possible after relatives agreed to donate the donor's organs. The patient suffered a severe traumatic brain injury, which led to brain death and left him no chance of life.

The selection of donor – recipient pairs was carried out by the Unified state transplantation information system.

Now the patients’ condition is stable. They have a long road of rehabilitation ahead of them.

We express our grief to the donor's relatives and our respect and gratitude for their extremely important decision.

We are also grateful for the well-coordinated and fast work of the patrol police of Ukraine, which promptly delivered a team of doctors from Kyiv to Cherkasy.

The transplantation was performed at the expense of the state budget in accordance with a pilot project to finance the transplantation of organs and other anatomical materials.