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Hospitals in different parts of Ukraine will receive StarLink stations

26 March 2022

590 Starlink satellite internet stations of the American company SpaceX were transferred to Ukrainian medical and healthcare institutions. Due to StarLink terminals, hospitals will have uninterrupted access to satellite internet. In case of communication interruptions, each station will be able to distribute high-quality Wi-Fi to dozens of devices. 

Starlink global satellite stations are already being deployed in healthcare facilities in different parts of the country. Due to SpaceX's broadband satellite internet, our hospitals will be able to stay connected at all times. In war conditions, this is extremely important,” said Health Minister Viktor Liashko.

According to the minister, StarLink systems will be used by healthcare institutions during a shutdown or when there are troubles with the main network. This will make it possible for hospitals to have access to satellite internet even in areas where there is temporarily no communication due to active military operations. 

It was possible to provide hospitals with the StarLink system due to the cooperation of the Ministry of Health with the Ministry of Digital Transformation.

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Starlink is a global satellite system that provides high-speed internet.