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Implementation of the law “On the public health system” requires broad involvement of partners, so efficiency and coherence of work are more important than ever – Viktor Liashko

6 December 2022

Minister of Health Viktor Liashko together with his deputy, chief state sanitary doctor Ihor Kuzin held a meeting with representatives of donor and international organizations, projects of international technical assistance for the implementation of the law of Ukraine “On the public health system”.

“The draft of this European integration law was developed in close cooperation with the international community. Its adoption is the result of a combination of efforts by all stakeholders. But now we face a new challenge related to the implementation of this law. We have a year to do this, and to achieve the result, we will need the expertise of our partners. Therefore, efficiency and coherence of work are more important than ever,” Viktor Liashko stressed.

The law is a framework law, that is, it defines the general directions of reforming the public health system, so its implementation provides for the revision of old and the development of new laws and bylaws. The team of the Ministry of Health, together with the Center for Public Health, relevant institutions, and partners, has already prepared such a list and is actively working on it.

“We have clear deadlines and adhere to them. For example, the Law of Ukraine “On protection of the population from infectious diseases” is currently being revised. We are preparing to submit a draft of amendments to it to the Verkhovna Rada in April,” the minister said.

It should be recalled that the Verkhovna Rada adopted the law “On the public health system” in September. It will come into force on October 1, 2023.