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Improving quality of neonatal care in Ukraine: provision of modern equipment and training opportunities for Ukrainian neonatologists

22 October 2018

The development of neonatology, and the enhancement of the quality of care provided to newborns constitute the priorities for the healthcare improvement in the developed world. The Ministry of Health of Ukraine, in cooperation with international partners, actively works to improve the quality of neonatal care in our country. With the support from partners, the Ministry plans to open three training centers for neonatal specialists from all over Ukraine, and to provide regional perinatal centers with modern equipment in the near future.

In early October, deputy Minister of Health of Ukraine Oleksandr Linchevskyi met with international experts, President of the Polish Neonatal Society Maria Katarzyna Borszewska-Kornacka and Vice-President of the Children's Medical Care Foundation Jolanta Martinoff, and Ukrainian neonatal specialists.

The meeting participants discussed the results of the annual analysis of work of Ukrainian perinatal centers, and identified further steps required to improve the quality of neonatal care at healthcare facilities nationwide, including:

1. the provision of modern equipment to regional perinatal centers;

Many regional perinatal centers lack specialized equipment to provide high quality neonatal care in line with modern standards. The Polish Neonatal Society, together with the Children's Medical Care Foundation, will provide the necessary equipment to Ukrainian healthcare facilities.

2. the establishment of training centers for professional development of Ukrainian neonatologists.

The results of the recent analysis of work of the regional perinatal centers will be used to select the best three, where training centers will be opened for neonatal specialists from all over Ukraine.

The Ukrainian neonatologists should provide care in compliance with the world’s best standards and international protocols. In May, the Ministry of Health of Ukraine distributed to all health departments across the country the guidelines of the Polish Neonatal Society, which had been translated into Ukrainian. The publication contained 28 neonatal clinical practice recommendations and principles.

For over a decade, the Children’s Medical Care Foundation (CMCF) has been organizing internships and advanced trainings for Ukrainian healthcare professionals focusing on pediatric and neonatal medical care. Every year, the Foundation provides opportunities for Ukrainian specialists to participate in educational events and programs at the best world's clinics. Last month, with the CMCF support, six Ukrainian doctors attended the international conference in Poznan.

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