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In Ukraine, 268 applicants opt for the new training programs in paramedicine

30 July 2018

In 2018, the state demand for specialists in Paramedicine is 50 places, which means that 50 best applicants will be enrolled in specialized training programs on a tuition-free basis. The results of the 2018 admission campaign are to be announced in August.

The two medical schools participating in the pilot project – I. Horbachevskyi Ternopil State Medical University and Cherkasy Medical Academy – have introduced the new-specialty training programs for future paramedics. During the 2018 nationwide higher education admission campaign in Ukraine (July 2-26), the specialized training programs in paramedicine attracted 268 applicants – 199 applicants in Ternopil and 69 applicants in Cherkasy. The applicants’ average external independent evaluation (EIE) test scores were above the set minimum threshold of 150 points – 155.5 points in Ternopil and 169 points in Cherkasy.

"Future paramedics have to complete a three-year training program. The first year of study will focus on general education required to support the major and complete the Bachelor’s degree. At the meantime, students will also acquire appropriate knowledge and skills reuired to provide an advanced first aid response. The second and third years of study will concentrate on advanced first aid and emergency care. Graduates of a three-year paramedic bachelor's degree program may receive further training and pursue a Master's degree," noted Pr. Arsen Hudyma, Head of the Department of Disaster and Military Medicine, I. Horbachevskyi Ternopil State Medical University.

Paramedics are healthcare professionals who respond to medical emergencies and provide pre-hospital first aid and advanced emergency medical care for critical and emergency patients. These specialists are also responsible for timely transportation of patients to the hospital. The key peculiarity of a specialized training of paramedics is a comprehensive practical component. Future paramedics practice providing first aid and emergency medical care in a variety of scenarios and settings, both individually and as a team, always in accordance with the relevant emergency medicine protocols. This is why all medical schools with specialized training programs for paramedics should be appropriately equipped and resourced, and, preferably, have a modern training simulation center.

During the 2018-2019 academic year, the Emergency Medicine Agency of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine will evaluate progress of future paramedics trained in the two medical schools participating in the pilot project. If required, the EM Agency Supervisory Board will modify or adjust the curriculum, and develop requirements for educational institutions that plan to introduce specialized programs for paramedics next year.

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