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Medical equipment purchased by the Ministry of Health should work faster for the benefit of patients and save their lives - Viktor Liashko

2 May 2023

Medical equipment purchased by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine for hospitals should be promptly installed, put into operation and used to preserve the life and health of patients. Each hospital manager is personally responsible for how effectively or inefficiently medical equipment is used. This was stated by the Minister of Health of Ukraine Viktor Liashko during a visit to the Volyn Regional Clinical Hospital. First Deputy Minister of Health Serhii Dubrov also took part in the working trip.  

“The Ministry of Health continues to work on providing Ukrainian hospitals with modern medical equipment and modernizing regional medical institutions. This is a priority for us. Last year, the head of this institution was personally warned by me for falling behind the schedule of preparing the room for the installation of angiographic equipment. It is good that I was heard and the situation was promptly corrected,” said Minister of Health Viktor Liashko. “The equipment has now been put into operation, which will significantly increase the number of endovascular diagnostic and therapeutic interventions, as well as provide round-the-clock access for patients to urgent services.”

It should be noted that the new angiographic equipment was placed in a specially built room within the emergency department, as close as possible to the place of arrival of the ambulance. This will be convenient for urgent referral of the patient to the X-ray operating unit. 

In addition, the hospital's doctors have already gained experience in angiographic interventions. Invasive cardiologists, cardiac surgeons, vascular surgeons, and neurosurgeons successfully perform heart chamber probing, angioplasty, and brain stenting. Angiographic studies are successfully performed in the case of diseases of central and peripheral vessels, oncological pathologies, aneurysms, and injuries of the main arteries. 

The Minister of Health added that soon the angiograph will work for residents of Volyn and will perform its direct functions. He stressed that hospital managers should do everything as quickly as possible so that all medical equipment that is supplied centrally, works. And the minister will continue to keep this issue under personal control. 

“Every hospital should have proper conditions for launching medical equipment so that the purchased equipment works for the benefit of Ukrainians as soon as possible and saves their lives and health,” said Minister of Health Viktor Liashko. 

It should be recalled that in 2021, Medical Procurement of Ukraine purchased 24 stationary digital angiographic X-ray systems at a total cost of UAH 210 million by order of the Ministry of Health. The supply, installation, and adjustment of medical equipment in healthcare institutions of Ukraine continues even during the war.