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Medical institutions are provided with more than 10 thousand generators in case of blackouts in winter

8 November 2023

Despite the constant threats from russia and new challenges caused by the full-scale war, Ukraine is actively preparing for winter. The Ministry of Health and its partners continue to work to provide healthcare facilities with critical equipment for full operation and electric generators for uninterrupted power supply.

In particular, Ukrainian medical institutions currently have 10,016 generators for continuous operation. If necessary, they will be activated and supply voltage to the grid. So in the event of an emergency, the autonomous power sources will ensure that intensive care units, operating rooms and critical equipment will function smoothly, saving patients’ lives and health. 

The Ministry of Health emphasizes that it is the responsibility of hospital managers to create conditions to ensure the full and stable operation of the medical facility in case of emergencies or blackouts. Also, the management of the medical institution should take care of the fuel reserve for generators and check their performance.

The Ministry expresses its gratitude to all partners who contributed to the provision of generators to medical institutions. This allowed hospitals to become more resilient and provide medical services even in extreme conditions.

It should be recalled that 42 powerful generators were recently distributed to medical institutions and medical universities in Ukraine as part of the cooperation between the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and the World Bank.