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Medical institutions of Ukraine are provided with more than 4 thousand generators in case of blackouts in winter

14 September 2023

Despite the ongoing full-scale war unleashed by russia against Ukraine, the Ministry of Health and its partners continue to work actively to provide healthcare facilities with uninterrupted power supply.

The Ukrainian healthcare facilities currently have 4,095 generators, and the Ministry of Health will continue to coordinate the supply of generators to ensure the uninterrupted operation of medical institutions.

Such equipment is capable of providing uninterrupted power supply so that medical facilities can operate even in the face of power outages. In the event of an emergency, the autonomous power supplies will allow hospitals to operate intensive care units, operating rooms and critical equipment without interruption, saving patients’ lives. 

This is especially true in the current circumstances due to systemic threats from the russian army.

The Ministry of Health expresses its gratitude to all partners and donors who have contributed to the stable and coordinated work of Ukrainian medical institutions by supplying electric generators so that Ukrainian hospitals can function and provide medical services to the population even in extreme conditions.