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Medicine procurement through international organizations: almost twice as many adult oncology patients get free medicines

30 October 2018

Every year, specialized international organizations that support Ukraine in procurement of medicines and healthcare products conduct transparent tenders and negotiate with manufacturers on prices, which results in savings of the allocated funds. The savings are used to purchase additional medicines to provide safe and effective treatment to more patients in need. The effective cooperation with international organizations helped the Ukrainian government to provide free medicines to a significantly higher number of adult oncology patients. In 2016, the savings were used to purchase 90 out of all 94 centrally procured medicines.

These infographics show that the procurement figures were much lower before 2015 when Ukraine started procuring medicines and healthcare products through specialized international organizations. For some medicines, like a chemotherapy medication Docetaxel, these figures are now five times higher, which means that five times as many patients in need are provided with this medicine than before 2015.



This is a great progress, as many Ukrainian patients no longer have to purchase expensive life-saving medicines – the state provides these medicines to them free of charge.

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