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More than 4 thousand displaced doctors were employed in healthcare institutions in other regions

9 January 2023

Due to the armed aggression of the russian army, constant shelling, and russia's occupation of certain territories of Ukraine, many Ukrainians, including doctors, were forced to leave their homes and look for employment opportunities in other, safer areas.

It should be recalled that the mechanism for providing jobs to medical workers who, due to the war, lost the opportunity to work at their main place of employment and work in medical institutions in other regions of Ukraine, is regulated by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. 

What is meant here is the temporary involvement of displaced doctors in healthcare institutions, which is regulated by by order Ministry of Health of Ukraine No. 414 dated 04.03.2022. 

In this case, the health professional's working hours are recorded in the institution to which they are sent. The data is sent to the institution at the main place of work, after which the health worker receives a salary. 

To date, 4,332 internally displaced medical professionals have already taken advantage of the opportunity to find a job in another medical institution. Among them: 2,014 doctors, 1,523 specialists (nurses, midwives, paramedics, pharmacist assistants), and 795 technical workers.

Most of the employed doctors and other healthcare professionals were registered in Lviv oblast – 284, Dnipropetrovsk oblast – 212, and Poltava oblast – 146 people. 

The largest number of employed nurses and other healthcare professionals were registered in Dnipropetrovsk oblast – 326, Poltava oblast – 164, and Kharkiv oblast – 141 people. 

The Ministry of Health of Ukraine collects and summarizes information on personnel needs in healthcare institutions in the regions of Ukraine, using for this purpose the MedData information and analytical system administered by Medical Procurement of Ukraine.

Responsible persons of health care institutions submit to this system updated information on the number of internally and externally displaced health care workers with their distribution into professional groups (professionals, specialists, technical workers) and the form of labor relations with the health care institution, namely:

  • full-time workers; 
  • part-time workers; 
  • perform professional duties outside the principal place of employment, but are tabulated by the principal place of employment.

In addition, you can find the necessary vacancies at the portal of vacancies for medical workers - a special resource of the Ministry of Health. It is simple and easy to use. You can filter vacancies by various indicators.