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More than 600 thousand euros to rebuild Chernihiv Central District Hospital as part of UNITED24

14 November 2023

612,000 euros is a charitable donation as part of the UNITED24 global initiative to rebuild the Chernihiv Central District Hospital. To this end, the Ministry of Health and the French charity foundation “Mesenat Servier” (signed by Nicolas Clavreul, representative of the foundation in Ukraine) signed an agreement.

In particular, following the relevant decision of the Commission for the Allocation of Funds to Meet Healthcare Needs, the roof will be repaired and windows and exterior doors will be installed in the three-story building of the clinic of the medical institution.

“Every day, the russian army continues to deliberately and brutally destroy Ukrainian medical infrastructure: outpatient clinics, hospitals, maternity wards, polyclinics, etc. Thus, since the beginning of the full-scale war, the enemy has damaged 1468 medical facilities and destroyed another 193 facilities completely, meaning they are not subject to repair. Our task in these extremely difficult conditions is to provide Ukrainians with access to medical care despite all the challenges. The medical infrastructure is being rebuilt and restored both at the expense of the state budget and with the help of international and Ukrainian partners. We have already managed to restore 834 medical facilities in full or in part. I am grateful to the French charitable foundation “Mesnat Servier” for their willingness to contribute to the restoration of the Chernihiv Central District Hospital. I am grateful to everyone who continues to support Ukraine with their donations through the fundraising initiative of the President of Ukraine UNITED24. You are saving lives!” said Minister of Health Viktor Liashko.

The fact that the French charitable foundation “Mesenat Servier” would join the rebuilding of medical infrastructure was discussed at a meeting with its representatives in April this year. In fact, the foundation expressed its readiness to join the UNITED24 initiative to support Ukraine, in particular to restore damaged medical infrastructure.

Over a year and nine months of war, 1661 healthcare facilities have been damaged or destroyed. Some of them have already been restored, including in the de-occupied territories, which suffered minor damage as a result of enemy shelling and bombing - broken windows, damaged facades.

In total, the French charity foundation “Mesenat Servier” has announced assistance worth more than EUR 8 million, which is the largest targeted assistance to date to meet health needs under UNITED24.