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More than a Billion Hryvnias Were Donated by Donors from All Over the World through UNITED24 for Healthcare Needs

30 December 2022

Since the beginning of the UNITED24 fundraising platform, UAH 1,042,468,050 has already been raised for healthcare needs. According to the decision of the relevant commission for their distribution, Medical Purchases of Ukraine purchased more than 9,000 units of medical and other equipment and transport with the raised funds.

The international fundraising platform UNITED24 was initiated by President Volodymyr Zelenskyy in May this year. The goal is to become a single window for collecting donations to help Ukraine.   Funds are transferred to the accounts of the National Bank of Ukraine and allocated by relevant ministries for the main needs in three areas: defense and mine clearance, medical care, and recovery. 

Thus, there were purchased with donations in the direction of medical care: 

  • 133 reanimobiles equipped with everything necessary for the transportation of seriously injured people; 
  • 13 units of armored evacuation vehicles;   
  • 35 transport devices of artificial lung ventilation;
  • 28 children's devices of artificial lung ventilation;
  • 81 operating tables;
  • 7954 external fixing devices;
  • 172 devices of vacuum therapy of wounds;
  • 22 x-ray units with C-arch;

“The UNITED24 fundraising platform is a very successful case that, in addition to communication, also works financially for Ukraine. It was able to unite people around the world,” says Mariia Karchevych, Deputy Minister of Health for digital development.