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Over the past two years, Ukraine has received humanitarian aid in the form of telemedicine solutions at a total cost of more than USD 4 million

2 April 2024

Today, Ukraine receives not only medical equipment, cars, and medicines from international partners, but also offers to use telemedicine solutions that simplify patients’ access to medical care in times of war.

Thus, today, the total cost of telemedicine services exceeds four million dollars. This amount includes the cost of devices and equipment, software, licenses for use, etc. that are being actively integrated into Ukrainian healthcare facilities.

Currently, six pilot projects are being implemented in Ukraine to provide medical care using humanitarian telemedicine solutions, including the Teladoc Solo platform, a teleconsultation system with the effect of virtual presence, the Rehabilitation Gaming System neurosensory rehabilitation platform, the Epiqar virtual operating room, the System Carebits fetal monitoring program, the Brainscan brain diagnostic system using artificial intelligence, and others.

Since then, about 400 institutions and at least 1700 medical professionals have been involved in the use of telemedicine solutions, and the total number of consultations conducted today is more than 13 thousand.

The solutions have already been integrated into the work of medical institutions and provide telemedicine consultations on explosive firearms injuries and burn injuries, and will eventually form a unified consultation network.

The geographic coverage of telemedicine solutions already includes 21 regions of the country. The solutions are located not only in oblast centers or cities of oblast significance, but also in remote settlements where access to medical facilities is limited, complicated, and sometimes dangerous.

Thus, the use of modern digital solutions allows Ukrainians to have high-quality and fast access to medical care in all parts of the country, including frontline settlements. This is how the introduction of telemedicine in Ukraine takes on a fundamentally new meaning, as it not only simplifies communication between doctor and patient, but above all, saves lives.