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Rules for traveling between regions: what documents are needed

14 October 2021

Starting from October 21, new rules for interregional transportation at the yellow and red levels of the epidemic danger will come into force. They will apply to regular and irregular transportation. It is about road transport on bus routes, air and rail transport of interregional communication.

The rules will not apply to urban and intra-regional transportation.

To use interregional transport in regions with yellow and red levels of epidemic danger it will be necessary to have one of the specified documents:

  • “yellow” or “green” international or domestic COVID certificate based on receiving a single dose of the vaccine or a full course of vaccination, issued on the portal “Diia” or in the application of the same name;
  • foreign COVID certificate of vaccination with vaccines that are included in the WHO list allowed for use in emergency situations;
  • document on receiving a single dose of the vaccine – form 063-o, which can be obtained immediately after the procedure from the doctor who carried out the vaccination;
  • international vaccination certificate, which will be valid for one year from the date of the last vaccination. It can be issued by the doctor who carried out the vaccination at the vaccination point of the health care institution, or by the family doctor;
  • negative result of a PCR test or rapid test for COVID-19, valid for 72 hours from the time of submission of the material for analysis.

The carrier is responsible for the availability of these documents for all drivers, crew members of the aircraft and passengers.

Currently, a COVID certificate based on the patient's recovery is being tested.

It is being developed by the Ministry of Health together with the Ministry of Digital Transformation and the National Health Service.

The issue of a COVID certificate on recovery is regulated by resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 677.

The basis for obtaining a COVID certificate will be the recovery of a person, if the diagnosis was previously confirmed by a positive PCR test. The document can be received no earlier than the 14th day after the diagnosis is established. It is important that both the fact of the disease (positive PCR test) and the fact of recovery must be confirmed in the electronic health care system.

This certificate will be valid for 180 days from the date of diagnosis. You will be able to apply for it in the Diia app. When it becomes available to users, it can also be used to travel by public transport between regions.

Obtaining paper certificates on the fact of a coronavirus disease is not yet provided for by law.

Thus, from October 21, for interregional trips on public transport, it will be possible to use either a document on vaccination against COVID-19 or a negative test result for COVID-19.