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SE “Medical Procurement of Ukraine” will purchase equipment for neonatal screening – resolution of Cabinet of Ministers

18 August 2021

On August 18, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine adopted amendments to the resolution “On amendments to the procedures approved by resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 339 of March 9, 2021” concerning equipping expert and regional neonatal screening centers with laboratory equipment and a laboratory information system. UAH 300 million has been allocated for this purpose. The funds were allocated from the fund of President of Ukraine for the implementation of the “Healthy Ukraine” program.

Thus, the document defines the state enterprise “Medical Procurement of Ukraine” as the recipient of these funds for the purchase of laboratory equipment for expert and regional neonatal screening centers.

“Neonatal screening is a tool that will help us detect congenital or rare hereditary diseases of children in time. Usually, such children are born without visible signs of pathology, and when the disease already manifests itself, changes in the child's body become irreversible and lead to disability and early death of patients. Early pre-symptomatic diagnosis and timely treatment can save the lives of such children. Separately, we are launching purchases of medicines for the treatment of orphan diseases under managed access agreements. This way we can give children a chance for a healthy life in a healthy Ukraine”, explains Health Minister Viktor Liashko.

The resolution also stipulates that the purchase of equipment will be carried out by the state enterprise “Medical Procurement of Ukraine”, and the purchase of laboratory information systems and computerized workplaces for employees of neonatal screening centers by the Ministry of Health.