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Since the beginning of the full-scale war, Ukraine has received medical humanitarian aid worth over UAH 16 billion

25 September 2023

During the period of martial law, Ukraine has received medical humanitarian aid worth over 16 billion hryvnias.

Aid is provided and will continue to be provided as needed. Our partners assure us of this. Ukraine has received medical humanitarian aid from 35 countries around the world, international and partner organizations, Ukrainian and foreign businesses, and medical institutions from other countries.

In total, during the period of the war, the following amounts of aid were received:

  • medical devices – 552,586,633 units,
  • consumables and personal protective equipment – 233,847,515 units,
  • tools – 1 370 541 units,
  • complex sets – 13,924 units,
  • equipment – 470,212 units,
  • medical furniture – 618 units,
  • medical transport – 692 units,
  • bulletproof vests and helmets for healthcare workers – 1,632 units,
  • other – 70,531,613 units.

The humanitarian aid is being distributed to meet the needs of medical institutions in all regions of Ukraine, with priority given to those in and near the combat zone and those treating the wounded.

In the list of medical supplies received by Ukraine, there are rare and expensive medications that are crucial for treating patients with orphan diseases.

Data on medical needs, accounting of balances in regional warehouses and healthcare facilities, and distribution of humanitarian aid are collected through the MedData information and analytical system, which ensures control and transparency of the process.

We thank all our partners!