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State Enterprise “Medical Purchases of Ukraine” signed agreements for the purchase of 225 oxygen stations

21 December 2021

State Enterprise “Medical Purchases of Ukraine” has signed agreements for the purchase of 225 oxygen stations for a total amount of UAH 648 million. The delivery of equipment is expected in the first quarter of 2022.

Centralized purchase of oxygen stations was carried out for the first time. Previously, 196 oxygen stations were planned for purchase, but competition at the auction made it possible to significantly reduce the price per unit of goods. With the saved funds it was managed to purchase another 29 stations.

“Previously, local authorities were engaged in the purchase of oxygen equipment for hospitals under a subvention. This time, we allocated UAH 650 million for centralized tenders conducted by the state enterprise “Medical Procurement”, and another UAH 150 million at the local level. Installation of the equipment is expected in the first quarter of 2022”, said Health Minister Viktor Liashko.

Contracts were concluded with six qualified participants who offered the most cost-effective offers, whose products meet the technical characteristics, who are able to deliver all the necessary quantity of goods no later than January-February 2022 and who already have experience in installing such equipment in Ukraine.

Purchased stations have the following key characteristics:

  1. The capacity of the station is 500 L/min, provided that the oxygen quality is not less than 93%. The stations are equipped with additional gas analyzers, flow meters, sensors and the possibility of remote control. In other words, the hospital can track exactly how much oxygen it receives and what quality it is.
  2. The warranty period of the station is 48 months.
  3. The stations will have a container design, which will allow installing them without additional construction work, with minimal preparation and costs on the part of the hospital.
  4. The stations have a frequency converter, which will allow reducing the cost of electricity and compressor maintenance, and increasing the service life of the equipment.
  5. The minimum service life of zeolite material is 40 thousand hours.

The equipment will be delivered to healthcare facilities that provide care to patients with coronavirus infection for autonomous oxygen generation.