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The Government Has Adopted a Resolution That Will Significantly Speed Up the Supply of X-ray Diagnostic Equipment to Medical Institutions

20 December 2022

Due to the armed aggression of the russian federation, which causes significant destruction (including medical infrastructure facilities) and injuries to civilians and military personnel, healthcare institutions need additional medical equipment.

In order to carry out high-precision diagnostics, not only treatment but also the life of patients which depends on the results, healthcare institutions purchase equipment that uses sources of ionizing radiation (hereinafter - SIR) both for public funds and for charitable assistance.

The use of such SIR, according to Ukrainian legislation, was subject to mandatory licensing. Since the stage of obtaining licenses takes up to 2.5 months, the commissioning of medical equipment was delayed for the appropriate period, which made it impossible to use it, and therefore provide medical care to Ukrainians.

To resolve the situation and ensure the provision of necessary medical care to the military and civilians during a full-scale war, the government has amended Appendix 2 to Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 314 “Some issues of ensuring the implementation of economic activities under martial law”. 

From now on, a declarative principle of obtaining the right to use SIR for the needs of hospitals of the following types has been introduced:

  • receiving (purchasing), 
  • transfer (sales), 
  • storage of X-ray diagnostic generating SIR, 

carried out by health care institutions of communal property, as well as health care institutions and business entities that are customers of purchases related to the management of the MoH. 

“Due to the consequences of russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine, which are reflected in certain types of injuries and the appearance of other specific diseases, radiological diagnostics occupies a priority place in the diagnosis of diseases. Since the beginning of the war 313 X-ray diagnostic units of various types have already been delivered to Ukrainian hospitals, and another 223 units are on the way. The government’s decision taken today will allow us to quickly install this equipment and quickly start using it for timely detection and effective treatment of various diseases,” said Minister of Health Viktor Liashko.