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The government has set new quarantine norms

13 September 2021

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has adopted amendments to Resolution No. 1236 establishing new quarantine restrictions to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The resolution comes into force 7 days after publication.

“The changes proposed by us are the opportunity to contain the epidemic situation and maintain the country's economic activity. We are saying that today everyone has the opportunity to get vaccinated and be protected; the available vaccine is enough for this. In addition, we have clearly defined weekly quantities of vaccine deliveries until the end of this year. We even allowed you to choose which vaccine to get vaccinated with, which is not available in most countries”, said Health Minister Viktor Liashko.

In particular, the adopted changes provide that the COVID certificate will have two options (the so-called “yellow” or “green”) and will contain information about vaccination, a negative test result (valid for 72 hours) or recovery from COVID-19. The so-called “yellow” certificate will have information about the first vaccination, and the “green” certificate will have information about the full course.

Now, in the event of the introduction of a yellow level of epidemic danger, the requirements for the work of educational institutions have been simplified. They will work if at least 80% of employees have “yellow” or “green” COVID certificates.

At the same time, restrictions on the yellow level of epidemic danger will not be applied if all participants (visitors) and at least 80% of organizers of mass events, employees of cinemas, theaters, museums or other cultural institutions, gyms and swimming pools have a “yellow” or “green” COVID certificate.

The final decision on whether to provide services only to vaccinated people, or comply with all quarantine restrictions, remains with the owner.

If a red level of epidemic danger is introduced, educational institutions will work only if 100% of employees have a “green” COVID certificate.

In addition, the current red level restrictions will not apply if all participants (visitors), employees and organizers of mass events, including religious ones, employees of cinemas, theaters, museums or other cultural institutions, entertainment venues, shopping centers, public catering establishments, markets, gyms and swimming pools have a “green” COVID certificate.

If a person crossing the border of Ukraine has a “yellow” or “green” certificate of vaccination or recovery from COVID-19, they may not undergo self-isolation. The same applies to persons arriving from the temporarily occupied territories.

Important! COVID certificates will have color marks exclusively in digital format; you do not need to print on paper of the corresponding color.