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The government supported the continuation of cooperation with specialized procurement organizations for the Ministry of Health

9 December 2021

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has supported amendments to the Law of Ukraine “On public procurement”, which, if adopted by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, will allow the Ministry of Health to continue purchasing medicines, medical devices and auxiliary equipment by a person authorized to carry out procurement in the healthcare sector, and with the involvement of specialized organizations that carry out procurement.

The point at issue is, in particular, cooperation with international specialized organizations engaged in procurement, for example, UNICEF, UNDP, Crown Agents, etc. The term of cooperation with them is extended until April 30, 2023.

“The Ministry of Health has been using the services of specialized procurement organizations since 2015. And although now the share of attracting international organizations to procurement is decreasing due to the high-quality work of the state enterprise “Medical Purchases of Ukraine”, the assistance of Crown Agents, UNICEF and other organizations is extremely important, especially for the purchase of COVID-19 vaccine and medicines for the treatment of COVID-19 from leading manufacturers of such medicines, because they have common long-term contracts”, explains Minister Viktor Liashko.

It should be recalled that the Ministry of Health has signed a contract with Pfizer for the supply of a vaccine against COVID-19 for 2022-2023. During this time, Ukraine will receive 25 million doses of vaccines annually.