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The Ministry of Health and the World Bank will purchase equipment for medical institutions working with victims of military operations

12 April 2022

The Ministry of Health was able to purchase additional equipment for providing emergency care in hospitals in Ukraine. The relevant resolution was adopted by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

The Cabinet of Ministers supported an increase in funding for the project “Improving healthcare in the service of people”, which the Ministry of Health is implementing in cooperation with the World Bank. 

As part of this project it has already been purchased and will be delivered to Ukrainian hospitals within a month:

  • 1,400 infusion and syringe pumps, 
  • 40 anesthesia machines,
  • 600 patient monitors,
  • 600 laryngoscopes,
  • 800 aspirators,
  • 300 portable capnographs,
  • 500 mobile ultrasound diagnostic devices,
  • 150 electrocardiographs,
  • 200 mobile X-ray machines. 

Also, medical institutions will receive consumables for the operation of equipment. The total cost of equipment will be more than UAH 1 billion.

The new equipment will strengthen the ability of Ukrainian hospitals to provide emergency medical care, in particular to those patients affected by the fighting.