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The Ministry of Health conducted the largest evacuation of Ukrainians for medical treatment abroad during the entire war

19 May 2022

Due to the cooperation of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and the European Commission, it was possible to evacuate almost fifty Ukrainians from “hot spots” for treatment in specialized clinics abroad. 

26 civilians and 19 military personnel from the eastern regions of Ukraine were sent to Germany and Spain for treatment. Since the beginning of the war, this is the largest simultaneous evacuation of injured Ukrainians from the territories of active hostilities for treatment outside our country. 

People with complex mine-explosive wounds, as well as patients with diseases that are currently impossible to treat in Ukraine or that require specialized treatment, were evacuated.

In particular, Oksana Balandina is among the patients - a nurse from Lysychansk who lost her legs from a mine explosion, but did not lose her thirst for life. The girl got married in a hospital room, and her first wedding dance touched the whole world. Also among the evacuees are volunteers from the Kyiv and Kharkiv regions, who were injured during the shelling and need specialized treatment.  

First, the sick and wounded were transported to Lviv to stabilize their condition, and then, with the involvement of special air hospitals, they were taken to other countries for treatment. 

Evacuation of the civilian population passes through the emergency response system of the European Union, when in one of the EU countries a specialized clinic is quickly searched for treatment and rehabilitation of Ukrainians. The so-called "medical convoys" are an example of one of the most effective ways to rescue patients, when the Ministry submits an evacuation request and receives proposals from various member states of the European Union and the European Economic Area. Further, the Ministry of Health contacts with the host country and coordinates the stages and routes of safe medical transportation.

To send defenders of Ukraine for treatment abroad, the health care institution where they are being treated and/or rehabilitated draws up an application in any form to send the patient for treatment abroad and sends it to a military medical institution. The conference considers the application and forms an opinion on the need (or justified absence of the need) to send the defender of Ukraine for medical treatment abroad. 

As a result, the ministry informs the command of the medical forces and the administration of the State Border Service about the list of defenders of Ukraine agreed with the foreign side, which health care institutions of foreign countries can accept for treatment abroad. 

We are working. We will stand. We will win!