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The Ministry of Health has reached the finish line in the formation of the Strategy for the Development of the Healthcare System until 2030

13 January 2022

The strategy for the development of the healthcare system until 2030 is designed to determine the development of each direction of the healthcare system for the next 8 years.

In order to form a balanced document and hear expert opinions, the Ministry of Health, together with the All-Ukrainian initiative “Active Community” from the Institute “Republic”, the Reanimation Package of Reforms coalition with the assistance of the National Democratic Institute, organized a series of public consultations.

Within the framework of 4 public consultations, proposals were received from various stakeholders: medical service providers, experts, scientists, government representatives, business representatives, public organizations and public activists. In total, more than 300 participants from different parts of Ukraine joined the discussions. All the proposals received were processed by experts involved in the development of the strategy.

The report on the results of public consultations can be found by the link:

In September 2021, the Ministry of Health established an intersectoral working group and 5 thematic subgroups to develop a draft strategy, in which more than 80 experts actively cooperate.

“The strategy is based on key principles and values: people-oriented; human rights; justice; human development; human-centered medical care; bio-psychosocial model; joint development of health services; gender-sensitive and transformative approach; policy and decision-making based on evidence; development of the health market; state responsibility. They are identified as the main ones and will determine the development of all areas of the healthcare system,” said Oleksii Yaremenko, Deputy Minister of Health of Ukraine.

The purpose of implementing the new strategy of the Ministry of Health is to promote the healthy well-being of citizens by ensuring fair access to quality medical services and building sustainable health care systems.

It should be recalled that the Healthcare Development Strategy is being developed in accordance with Presidential Decree No. 369/2021.