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The Ministry of Health is strengthening the format of cooperation with partners on development and representatives of international technical assistance projects

22 October 2021

On October 22, the Ministry of Health hosted a framework meeting between representatives of the ministry, international partner organizations, foreign countries, and performers of international technical assistance projects cooperating with the Ministry of Health.

“It is extremely important that clear coordination is built between the ministry and its partners, and joint work becomes effective. Therefore, we initiated a meeting so that everyone understands what conditions we are currently in, what will be the format of further cooperation to coordinate the implementation of healthcare reform”, said Oleksii Yaremenko.

The meeting presented the format of further coordination and joint work, which should take place in the sectoral working group and in 5 specialized subgroups in the following areas: financing of medicine, public health, electronic medical services, educational services and provision of medicines.

Iryna Mykychak noted that she greatly appreciates the partnership between the Ministry of Health and international organizations: “We already have a long history of fruitful cooperation with the World Bank, UNICEF, and USAID on a number of other important projects. The Minister and the entire team of the Ministry of Health highly appreciate the contribution of international partners in countering the COVID-19 pandemic. We are convinced that we are reaching a new level of even more effective cooperation, working for the future, strengthening the healthcare industry in Ukraine”.

The ministry's plan to develop a strategy for the development of the healthcare system 2030 was also presented to international partners. The strategy will determine the vector of healthcare reform in Ukraine. In order to effectively implement the plans set, in particular in the anti-corruption policy, standardization of medical services and development of a modern rehabilitation system, the Ministry of Health has asked partners to provide support.

The participants of the meeting agreed to hold the next meeting of the coordination working group in December this year to clearly discuss the agenda and highlight the ideas developed.