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The Ministry of Health redistributed UAH 1.2 billion more for the treatment of COVID-19

9 June 2021

The Ministry of Health has transferred UAH 1.2 billion to finance 249 hospitals that have an
agreement with the National Health Service of Ukraine for a COVID-19 treatment package. The
corresponding order was adopted today at a Government Meeting.
Expenses of the National Health Service of Ukraine were increased at the expense of funds that
were provided to ensure the possibility of purchasing medicines under managed access
Currently, the draft law on ensuring the possibility of purchasing medicines under managed
access agreements (registration No. 4662 of 28.01.2021) was adopted only in the first reading on
June 02, 2021.
“The funds provided for purchases under managed access agreements may not be fully used due
to the long duration of the procedure for implementing such a mechanism. Therefore, we have
redistributed them for the needs of treatment and preparation of hospitals for a possible new
wave of COVID-19,” Deputy Health minister Petro Yemets comments on the government's
He added that the Ministry of Health and the SE “Medical Procurement of Ukraine” will
contribute to the introduction of managed access agreements, and potential cost savings,
including through transparent procurement, will allow implementing this mechanism this year.
We remind that due to a decrease in the incidence of COVID-19 and due to a shortage of
patients, some hospitals are curtailing COVID departments. Despite this, no patient — now or in
the future — will be left without help. The Ministry of Health has identified a list of institutions
that will have everything necessary to quickly respond and provide assistance to patients with