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The Unburnt: aesthetic medicine project launched in Ukraine

4 January 2023

Among the injuries that Ukrainians suffer in this aggressive war started by russia, a significant place is taken by non-everyday skin injuries, such as burns and scars. 

“Patients with burns, scars and similar skin lesions need comprehensive treatment, which includes, in particular, tissue correction and plastic. This is necessary not only for aesthetic and self-esteem issues, but first of all in order to restore the function of the affected part of the body. So that a person can return to a full life and not worry about the injuries received,” says First Deputy Minister of Health Oleksandr Komarida. 

In general, in the world, aesthetic medicine is a paid service and is extremely expensive, so it is not available to everyone who needs it. Today, the cost of treatment of one patient may exceed half a million hryvnias. But now a new charity project “The Unburnt” has been launched all over Ukraine in cooperation with the Ministry of Health. Its goal is to provide comprehensive free treatment for military personnel, volunteers, civilians and children who have received burns and scars as a result of military operations on the territory of Ukraine in order to be able to restore the functionality of the affected body parts. The project team has already established cooperation with 12 clinics where the treatment process will take place. Therefore, it is waiting for new patients who need to provide such medical services, but do not have the financial resources to do so. To become a patient of “The Unburnt” project, you need to:

  • be a military / volunteer / civilian / child,
  • have skin injuries (burns or scars) as a result of military operations,
  • have confirmation from the doctor/military medical commission about receiving a non-domestic injury,
  • contact “The Unburnt” team (Instagram: @neopalymi, phone: (066) 906-06-14, website:

The number of treatments varies depending on the severity of the injury, but an average of 3 to 12 treatments are required to achieve positive results. At the same time, the cost of just one procedure (excluding medications) is about USD 1,000. 

The project involves professional specialists and a team of volunteers who communicate with future patients about their participation, use the latest laser equipment and high-quality medical products. The work is carried out with the support of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and with the help of partners. This will allow taking about 200 patients for treatment every month. The project allows bringing Ukrainian specialists in the field of laser treatment of burns and scars to a new level and passing on their experience to foreign colleagues, which makes it possible to strengthen the image of Ukrainian medicine at the world level. 

Due to the constant attacks of the aggressor country, the relevance of this project is growing every day. Its implementation will enable as many people as possible to restore the functions of the affected body parts and return to normal life, so that our people have the strength and opportunities to rebuild the country. 

For reference: the project is implemented by the Ukrainian Volunteer Center, a public organization that is engaged in bringing volunteering closer to people through the creation of social projects and engaging people to them. Ukrainian Volunteer Center together with the Central and Eastern European Association of Aesthetic Medicine specialists in cooperation with the Ministry of Health launched this unique project for Ukraine and the world “The Unburnt”.