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The United States sent two planes of medicines to Ukraine

3 April 2022

150 tons of medicines and supplies were sent to Ukraine by benefactors from the United States. The humanitarian cargo landed in Poland before, from where it is already heading to Ukraine. 

Two planes with medical assistance for Ukraine have already landed in Poland. Now we are distributing humanitarian cargo and will deliver it to our territory by land routes. Part of the cargo is already in Ukraine,” Deputy Health Minister Oleksii Yaremenko said. “This time we received not only medicines from our partners, but also equipment and an ambulance. The Ministry of Health would like to thank every friend of Ukraine who contributed to this cargo and helped provide our healthcare system with the necessary funds in difficult times.”

The humanitarian cargo consists of medicines, which are now most needed by Ukrainian hospitals. Among them: antibiotics, hemostatic and anti-inflammatory drugs, surgical suture material, turnstiles to stop bleeding and necessary medical equipment. In addition, one of the planes, among other things, also delivered an ambulance. 

Humanitarian aid for Ukraine was collected by hospitals and benefactors from different states with the support of the Ukrainian Medical Association of North America (UMANA).

The received medicines, medical devices and equipment will be distributed among Ukrainian hospitals that touch the war zone and need support most of all.