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Three children and a 19-year-old girl got a chance for a full life due to organ transplants

18 October 2021

On September 27, in the Vinnytsia Yushchenko Regional Psychoneurological Hospital Ukrainian doctors removed the organs of a 38-year-old man after the consent of relatives. Four patients, three of them children, received a heart, kidneys and liver.

The “donor-recipient” pairs for performing operations were determined by the unified state transplantation information system. Organ extraction was performed by teams of three transplant centers together with colleagues from Vinnytsia.

A 13-year-old girl who is in intensive care at the state institution “Heart Institute of the Ministry of health of Ukraine” received a heart, 2 kidneys were received by young patients of the National Children's specialized hospital “OKHMATDYT”, and the liver is transplanted to a young 19-year-old girl in a private clinic.

Emergency medical services of the Kyiv oblast were involved in urgent transportation of the seized organs to the capital's clinics. As part of the aeromedical evacuation project, which started working in Kyiv and oblast in August, the heart was transported from Vinnytsia to the Heart Institute to the capital by helicopter.

Patrol police provided escorts of medics who transported liver and kidneys to Kyiv.

We express our sincere condolences to the donor's relatives, whose important decision gave four people a chance for a full life.

We remind that the Ministry of Health is expanding the project on aeromedical evacuation.

The Ministry of Health is involving the state emergency service of Ukraine in the pilot project.  The list of tasks that state aviation entities can perform to ensure the development of transplantation in Ukraine is also being expanded.