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Ukraine plans to expand international medical partnership project

6 October 2023

During the 73rd session of the World Health Organization’s Regional Committee for Europe, which will be held on October 20-29 in Astana, Kazakhstan, the Ukrainian delegation will present a joint statement on further development of sustainable international medical partnership. It is about expanding cooperation between the world’s leading clinics, where doctors will adopt best practices and share their own.

“For more than 19 months of full-scale war, the russian army continues to cynically destroy Ukraine’s medical system, shell hospitals, outpatient clinics, maternity wards and terrorize the country’s civilian population. Among the medical infrastructure, the russian occupiers have destroyed 190 medical facilities and damaged almost 1,500. Since the beginning of the war, the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and its partners have been doing everything possible to ensure that our doctors can work and provide quality medical care to patients. The medical partnership will allow doctors to share their experience with foreign colleagues and attract new support at the global level,” said First Deputy Minister of Health Serhii Dubrov.

He emphasized that Ukraine will propose to host the next session of the World Health Organization’s Regional Committee for Europe in Kyiv in 2025. Such a step would demonstrate the constant and ongoing support of the international community for Ukraine’s healthcare sector.

The International Medical Partnership is a project implemented under the patronage of the Third Ladies and Gentlemen Summit. This year, it has been joined by 14 ministers of health from various parts of the world. The summit marked the launch of the International Medical Partnership Program. In total, within the framework of the summit, 25 agreements on international medical partnerships were signed between Ukrainian and foreign medical institutions.

It should be recalled that earlier, as part of the medical partnership, hospitals from different parts of Ukraine signed memorandums of cooperation with leading global clinics to learn from best practices and share their own.