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Ukraine received a batch of humanitarian aid from the United States

29 March 2022

13 tons of medicines for emergency care and treatment of chronic diseases were delivered to Ukraine from the United States. Among them there are numerous remedies for the treatment of injuries, medications for infectious diseases, antihypertensive drugs, etc. The total cost of assistance provided to Ukraine is more than USD 20 million.

The humanitarian cargo was sent by American charities Heart To Heart International and HOPE worldwide. 

According to Deputy Health Minister Oleksii Yaremenko, this is one of the largest medical humanitarian supplies that has arrived in Ukraine since the Russian invasion.

Ukraine thanks its partners from the United States, who did not leave us alone at this difficult time for our state. Due to numerous international assistance, millions of citizens and thousands of healthcare institutions in different regions of the country are already provided with the medicines they need. Now the Ministry of Health is focusing its efforts on ensuring that vital medicines and medical devices are continuously delivered to active combat zones,” Oleksii Yaremenko said. 

In the coming days, the received medicines and medical devices will be delivered to hospitals in the central, eastern and southern regions of Ukraine, which are currently most affected by the full-scale invasion of the russian federation. 

The Ministry of Health is also making every effort to ensure that every hospital located near the front line is provided with the necessary medicines, equipment and supplies necessary to save the lives and health of Ukrainian citizens. 

It should be recalled that since the full-scale russian invasion, Ukraine has received about two thousand tons of medicines and medical devices from partner countries and numerous representatives of Ukrainian and international business.