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Ukraine received ambulances from France

31 March 2022

21 ambulances arrived in Ukraine from the communities of France. Therefore, the Ukrainian emergency aid whose doctors go to rescue citizens under bullets and explosions, will receive new “ambulances”.

According to Deputy Health Minister Oleksii Yaremenko, now the russian occupiers, contrary to international conventions, carry out numerous attacks on emergency teams. 

In particular, since the beginning of the full-scale russian invasion, enemy bullets have hit 67 ambulances. 

The russian occupiers, who are acting like real criminals today, are destroying absolutely everything in their path. They mercilessly fire at hospitals and ambulances, in which our courageous doctors save the lives of Ukrainians right under fire. For more than a month of the war, 67 ambulances became targets for the enemy and came under fire. Therefore, many thanks to our French colleagues who understand our needs and deliver cars as soon as possible,” the deputy minister said.

Fiat, Renault and Citroen ambulances were purchased at the expense of French communities. Now humanitarian ambulances are already being sent to the regions where active military operations are continuing. 

In the coming days, vehicles will start working in emergency medical centers near the front line. 

It should be recalled that the day before 18 ambulances from international partners were delivered to Kharkiv region. In addition, 50 military ambulances were sent for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.