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Ukraine starts vaccination against COVID-19 for everyone

20 July 2021

Ukraine opens the last 5th stage of vaccination of the population against COVID-19, where everyone over the age of 18 will be vaccinated. At the same time, priority will be given to vulnerable groups of the population, in particular people over the age of 60 and people with concomitant diseases.

“We are receiving more and more COVID-19 vaccines and creating more and more points, centers, and mobile immunization teams. This makes it possible to open vaccination to all willing and protect as many people as possible from coronavirus disease, in particular from the new strain “Delta”, which has already reached Ukraine. At the same time, elderly people, people with chronic diseases and other vulnerable groups of the population will be vaccinated at vaccination centers and points”, said Viktor Liashko, Minister of health of Ukraine.

Among the priority groups are also doctors, teachers, social workers and military personnel who contact with a large number of people.

We remind that vaccination against coronavirus disease in Ukraine takes place in stages according to the roadmap.

With the opening of the 5th stage, registration in the queue for vaccination through the website or mobile application “Diia” stops working, because now everyone can register directly for vaccination.

You can register for vaccination against COVID-19 at the vaccination points that operate in most primary health care institutions by calling the registry of the relevant institution. You can also register for vaccinations by phone or online at mass vaccination centers that open in different cities of Ukraine and work on working days and weekends. A full list of points and centers with addresses and phone numbers is available on the website

Employees of the healthcare, education, social sphere, military personnel, employees of state security structures and structures that ensure the work of the state, employees of state authorities and local self-government bodies at all levels, as well as organized groups with more than 50 people who want to get vaccinated are vaccinated by mobile teams at their place of work.

People who cannot move independently can call the mobile vaccination team at home by calling the contact center of the Ministry of Health 0 800 60 20 19 or through their family doctor.

Now the regions are provided with vaccines and can start vaccinating everyone.

Vaccinations are carried out with Comirnaty/Pfizer-BioNTech, CoronaVac/Sinovac Biotech, AstraZeneca (Covishield, SKBio) and Moderna vaccines. Each of these vaccines effectively prevents the severe course of the disease and saves lives.

Local authorities are responsible for opening new vaccination points and mass vaccination centers. The overall coordination of the COVID-19 vaccination campaign and planning of mobile teams is carried out by regional vaccination coordinators.

As of July 20, 2021, 4.1 million vaccinations were carried out. 2.7 million Ukrainians received the first dose, 1.4 million people were fully vaccinated with two doses.

Learn more about COVID-19 vaccination by calling the contact center on 0 800 60 20 19 and on the website