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Ukraine will rebuild hospitals according to the best international standards in design and construction – Bohdan Borukhovskyi

20 August 2022

Since the full-scale invasion, Russian terrorists have damaged 788 medical facilities and turned another 123 into piles of stones. Now Ukraine has already created a plan for the restoration of medical infrastructure and developed the necessary changes to state building codes. Updated requirements for the design and construction of medical institutions will allow the construction of hospitals that meet the best European and international standards.

This was announced by Bohdan Borukhovskyi during a meeting of the working group on the development of state building standards for the design and construction of buildings and structures of healthcare institutions.

Currently, the Ministry of Health, in cooperation with the Ministry of Communities and Territories Development of Ukraine, is finalizing the regulatory basis for restoring the medical infrastructure of Ukraine.

“On the places of medical institutions that Russia has destroyed and continues to destroy today, Ukraine should build modern hospitals taking into account the best European practices. In order to implement our ambitious plans, today it is extremely necessary to quickly adopt new state building codes for healthcare institutions. Together with the expert group of the Ministry of Regional Development, we have already come a long way and are one step away from the adoption of new standards,” Bohdan Borukhovskyi said.

Also, the Ministry of Health, together with the Ministry of Regional Development, is working on amendments to the state sanitary norms and rules “Sanitary and hygienic requirements for new construction and reconstruction of healthcare institutions”.

Due to the renewal of state building codes and the introduction of sanitary and hygienic requirements, hospitals will be built according to the best world standards. First of all, this will significantly improve the conditions of patients’ stay in medical institutions and improve the working conditions of doctors.