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Ukraine will receive additional USD 150 million from the World Bank to overcome the pandemic - Viktor Liashko

13 December 2021

The joint project “Ukraine Emergency COVID-19 Response and Vaccination Project”, which is implemented by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and the World Bank, will receive additional funding in the amount of 150 million US dollars. The corresponding loan agreement was signed by Health Minister Viktor Liashko and World Bank Regional Director for Eastern European affairs Arup Banerjee.

“We highly appreciate the support that the World Bank provides to the Government of Ukraine. These funds will help in the further fight against COVID-19, as well as in strengthening the National Health System. Additional funding provides new opportunities to purchase vaccines and accelerate the rate of vaccination. No one can be protected until everyone is protected. It is equal access to vaccination that will help us contain the spread of the virus and overcome the pandemic in order to return to our usual pre-COVID life”, said Health Minister Viktor Liashko.

The government of Ukraine will allocate USD 120 million for the purchase of vaccines, and another USD 30 million will finance important areas of expanding the vaccination campaign: development of information technologies, communication with a wide range of the public, purchase of specialized equipment for the cold chain and safe management of medical waste.

“The new additional funding will help Ukraine further strengthen measures to counteract COVID-19 and speed up vaccination. Therefore, it remains extremely important to increase the volume of vaccine purchases and increase the rate of vaccination of the population, along with measures to better identify the incidence and raise awareness of people who are hesitant about the need for vaccination”, said Arup Banerjee, World Bank Regional Director for Eastern European affairs.

It should be recalled that the World Bank’s Board of executive directors approved the amount of additional funding for this project on December 10, 2021 in Washington. Ukraine previously received USD 155 million from the World Bank as part of two projects: “Ukraine Emergency COVID-19 Response and Vaccination Project” and “Improving Healthcare in the Service of People”.