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Ukraine will receive innovative medicines against COVID-19 from the United States

1 September 2021

As part of cooperation with the US government, Ukraine will receive innovative medicines against coronavirus. Humanitarian aid with an equivalent value of almost 20 million US dollars will arrive in the near future and will be delivered to the regions by charitable foundations. Such agreements were finalized during the visit of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to the United States.

“The US government, together with the manufacturer, will provide us with innovative medicines against COVID-19 as humanitarian aid. They are already registered by the FDA and recommended for patients with mild to moderate severity, especially if there is a risk of transition to a severe form”, Health Minister Viktor Liashko comments on the agreements.

20 thousand vials of Bamlanivimab and 40 thousand vials of Etesevimab will be sent to Ukraine. The medicines are already formed into cargo and transported to the airport for shipment to Ukraine.

“They act directly on the virus – the medicines bind to the adhesive proteins of the virus, preventing penetration into the cell and further reproduction, accelerate the recovery of patients with coronavirus disease and prevent the occurrence of complications and hospitalization”, the minister explained.

We remind that the Ministry of Health has also already purchased 2,784 vials of Tocilizumab and is completing the purchase of 14,346 packages of Remdesivir.