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Ukrainian COVID-certificates were recognized by six other countries of the world

5 January 2022

New member countries have joined the EU's E-Health Trust Network, whose members mutually recognize digital COVID certificates. We are talking about such countries as: Lebanon, Montenegro, Taiwan, Uruguay, Tunisia and Thailand. This solution will allow using the digital COVID certificate obtained in Diia when crossing the border with these countries. This will apply to those citizens who have been vaccinated against coronavirus disease or have recently recovered.

“Vaccinated citizens of Ukraine will be able to visit more countries without PCR tests and self-isolation in the countries of arrival, if the epidemic situation allows it,” Deputy Minister Maria Karchevych explained.

Today, the EU E-Health Trust network includes 60 countries around the world. Among them are not only the European countries closest to Ukraine, such as Poland, Austria, Latvia and other EU members, but also countries from other continents, in particular Singapore, New Zealand and the United Arab Emirates. The full list of member countries of the network can be found here.

In 2022, it is planned that the composition of the digital network will expand to 80 participating countries.