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Ukrainian hospitals in the ATO area receive modern ambulances

18 May 2018

Ukrainian hospitals that are located close to the frontline received modern ambulances for transporting patients, as humanitarian aid under the GIZ Fact Finding Mission 2017 Project. The key purpose of this project is to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the emergency medical services provided by Ukrainian hospitals located in the conflict-affected area in the Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts.

Despite the difficult operating environment, most healthcare facilities continue to work and provide assistance to patients in need. However, most hospitals are understaffed and lack special equipment for establishing a more specific diagnosis or conducting complex interventions. Therefore, healthcare facilities in Popasna (Luhansk oblast), Toretsk, Avdiivka and Svitlodarsk (Donetsk oblast) received modern ambulances, which are primarily designed for transporting patients in stabilized condition to appropriately equipped referral hospitals in the interior regions of the country, instead of treating combat injuries at the scene.

These ambulances have all the necessary equipment for safe transportation of patients from the ATO zone: defibrillator monitors, pulse oximeters, medical consumables and disposables, special stretchers for patients with back injuries.