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USAID has allocated an additional USD 1.8 million to WHO to improve the detection of infectious diseases and strengthen surveillance

4 October 2022

In the context of the war and the most acute humanitarian crisis in recent decades in the European region of the World Health Organization, the Ministry of Health of Ukraine is trying to meet the basic needs for providing medical services, surveillance and medicines.

At the meeting between USAID deputy administrator Isabel Coleman and WHO Regional Office for Europe Director Dr. Hans Kluge, they discussed the coordinated response of the United States of America and WHO to support Ukraine and restore the country’s health system.

As a result, it was announced that USAID is providing WHO with an additional USD 1.8 million to support health continuity in Ukraine, namely: strengthening surveillance of infectious diseases and reporting in Ukraine. In particular, this assistance should target the most vulnerable groups, including people with special needs, those living in remote areas and internally displaced persons (IDPs).