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Viktor Liashko during a visit to Shostka: no one can endanger the patient's health

26 April 2023

The common task of heads of medical institutions and authorities is to take care of the patient and their health. All actions and decisions must meet one goal: high-quality, affordable, and free medical care. This was stated by the Minister of Health Viktor Liashko during a visit to the raion and children's hospitals in Shostka, Sumy oblast, where a meeting was held with the staff of medical institutions, representatives of the city, and oblast authorities.

“Sumy oblast is now in a difficult situation, under constant enemy fire. However, even in such conditions, we, as the ministry, representatives of local authorities and the management of medical institutions, have a clear common task – to ensure high-quality, affordable and free medical care for our citizens. From statistics for Sumy oblast, we can see that in the first three months of this year, 34% of stroke patients were hospitalized in violation of the boundaries of the so-called “golden hour”. This is not just hours. This is a threat to human health. The picture was about the same last year. In other words, we clearly see the problem with the availability of timely medical care. Especially in the northern part of the region. This is unacceptable,” Viktor Liashko said.

The installation of expensive angiographic equipment in the Shostka Central District Hospital could solve the issue of full access of patients with acute cerebral stroke and other cardiovascular diseases to the necessary medical care in the north of Sumy oblast. The Ministry of Health of Ukraine centrally purchased the appropriate equipment at state expense, which was to be transferred to this medical institution. The angiograph allows to diagnose diseases of the human cardiovascular system quickly and reliably, examine the functional state of blood vessels, and identify pathologies that include vasoconstriction or blockage. This, in turn, allows doctors to provide medical care as quickly as possible in the event of a stroke or myocardial infarction. Due to this device, it is possible to perform all types of endovascular interventions, and therefore to reduce mortality from cardiovascular pathologies.

“The Ministry has completed its part of the task – the angiograph has been purchased. However, in order for it to work, the medical institution must fulfill its part: provide conditions for the installation and operation of equipment in the hospital, as well as train specialists who will work on it. Unfortunately, a few weeks ago I received a letter stating that the hospital is not able to accept the angiographic equipment purchased by the ministry and asks for its redistribution. I think this is irresponsible, so today I am here to work together with the management of the hospital, the city and the oblast to understand the situation,” the Minister of Health said. 

During the meeting, participants consisting of the staff of the Shostka District Central Hospital, the mayor of Shostka and representatives of the regional state administration discussed the outlined situation. The minister emphasized its inadmissibility and stressed that the hospital may simply be left without an angiograph, and patients without the necessary medical care due to negligence, because the repair of the premises has not even begun yet.

The same situation applies to the X-ray machine, for which the state allocated funds for back in 2021, the pre-war year. However, until now, the equipment has not started to be used. 

“We see that for unknown reasons, the head of the city of Shostka redistributed the X-ray machine we purchased to another hospital, which does not have the necessary conditions for its functioning. An X-ray machine is unused, instead of performing its direct function - to help doctors save people. We will not leave such actions of the mayor without a proper response,” Viktor Liashko said.

It should be recalled that soon, thanks to the purchases of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, a modern angiograph will start working in the Mykolaiv Regional Clinical Hospital.  The angiograph is installed in the cardiology center of the institution and has already been put into operation, and a team of doctors has been trained in the operation of the device, conducting research and operations.