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Viktor Liashko: Establishment of a state control body in the field of medicines will help provide Ukrainians with high-quality, effective and safe medicines

21 November 2023

This was emphasized by the Minister of Health of Ukraine Viktor Liashko during a meeting with James Hope, Director of the USAID Mission to Ukraine, and representatives of the Safe, Affordable and Effective Medicines for Ukrainians (SAFEMed) project.

“I am grateful to the United States of America for all the help and support in the healthcare sector, both in terms of responding to the challenges of the war and in terms of developing the medical system in general. Together with the SAFEMed project, we are working to ensure that Ukrainians have access to quality and safe medicines. This includes developing appropriate changes to the regulation and financing of the pharmaceutical industry, and increasing the transparency and efficiency of drug procurement to increase their availability. We have positive results - the number of people who receive the medicines they need free of charge in medical institutions or through the “Affordable Medicines” program is increasing,” said Minister Viktor Liashko.

During the meeting, the participants discussed strategic areas of cooperation in the field of pharmaceutical regulation and possible expansion of support from the SAFEMed project. First of all, it is the process of establishing two new institutions: an independent medical technology assessment agency and a state control body that will implement state policy in the field of development, market authorization, quality control, safety, and efficacy of medicines. They also paid attention to the implementation of the state policy on the pricing of medicines and steps towards the introduction of a unified pricing policy.

The Minister emphasized the importance of involving the best international experts in the creation of the state control body. The process of forming an advisory board is currently underway, with highly qualified specialists from Ukraine, other countries, and international organizations invited.