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Viktor Liashko: Indonesia is ready to support the Ukrainian medical system

29 June 2022

The Republic of Indonesia will support the Ukrainian healthcare system and join in restoring the medical infrastructure that was destroyed by missiles and shells of the russian invaders. Viktor Liashko discussed this during the visit of Indonesian President Joko Widodo and first lady Iriana Joko Widodo to the Ukrainian scientific and practical center for endocrine surgery, endocrine organ and tissue transplantation of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

During the peacekeeping visit, the Indonesian President and his wife handed over humanitarian aid, including necessary medicines, medical devices and supplies. 

"The leaders of friendly countries travel thousands of kilometers, spend dozens of hours on the road to personally express their support for Ukraine in this difficult time. This is extremely valuable for us. Such visits are evidence that today Ukraine has real friends and partners on every continent. While russia continues to ruthlessly destroy our hospitals, we see how the entire civilized world unites around the restoration of our medical system and provides comprehensive support to Ukrainian hospitals," Viktor Liashko said. 

The Indonesian leader, together with the Minister of Health, spoke with internally displaced patients who were evacuated from dangerous regions and are currently being treated in a medical facility. According to Viktor Liashko, because of the war, endocrine diseases in Ukrainians have already significantly "rejuvenated" and worsened. 

"Russia continues to take away the most valuable thing from Ukrainians — life and health. We see that experiencing the consequences of the war, Ukrainians have already “aged” by 10-12 years. That is, the diseases that the patient usually had at the age of 50 will now overtake him at the age of 40," the Minister of Health added. 

The Indonesian leader, for his part, assured that his country will continue to support the Ukrainian medical system and provide humanitarian support.